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I'm the girl that takes rad pictures of some rad people. If you are up for some unique photos and epic adventure,

I'm your gal!


The girl laughing her butt off,

YEP. That's me!

Hey y’all! That girl laughing her butt off, yep. that’s ME!!👋🏼
I would love to introduce myself as i am still branching out in the photography world First, my name is Emily but everyone usually calls me "Em" for short. I live in a small town in NC that I will forever call my home. 

 I am a lover for chick-fil-a and would drive 30 min out of my way to get to one... no lie. I am a college student with still no positive idea as to what i want to do with my life, but hey. I know I’m not the only one! The hot stud in the picture above is my boyfriend Mitch who encourages me beyond measures! He’s seriously a blessing y’all, I thank Jesus erryday for this special human.

I have a heart for people and a heart for capturing the real love that gives you the chills as to why God created something so dang beautiful that we photogs have the art to capture. I’m a believer in being compassionate and present when it comes to capturing future clients. I want them to know i’m not in the business to prop them in front of a fake background and smile as if they have a perfect life. LIKE NO. I want you to run around your house chasing your babe till you trip and fall, I want to capture the “can you not?” face that we all give to our person every once in awhile. I want to capture that unique, funny, gentle, happy, kind, amazing, epic fun love that you share together. 

My goal is to always capture the unique love every relationship has of their own, and for them to know that love is messy but all around AMAZING! So yeah, this is me! If you're a couple who is up for jumping in the air, up for some endless laughter, and authentic pictures, contact me and let's create some MAGIC. (I make an awesome third wheel.)

I want to explore beautiful places with you. 


"You were an absolute star throughout the whole experience."


"She made us feel so comfortable and made it so fun. The pictures are unbelievable."

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"Emily is one of the most caring girls I have ever met. From the moment she saw us, she was smiling and excited to photograph us."

Leah Peeples


"For the sake of the soul, venture out."



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