From the moment I saw Ronnie and Leah I couldn't help but get so excited to photograph this young couple. They both had such a fun, sweet, and bundle of joy ora! I knew Leah and high school as she was one of the FIRST that I captured at the start of my business. And here I am now editing these sweet pics of her and her sweet babe. It was a fun adventure in downtown Burnligton as we banged our heads side-to-side, ran across the street, and went down some pretty cool allies. It was an absolute JOY capturing Leah and Ronnie and I can not wait to capture more of their love in the near future! 

"Emily is one of the most caring girls I have ever met. From the moment she saw us, she was smiling and excited to photograph us. I was pretty nervous before the shoot because I’m not the most photogenic. Although I was nervous, Emily immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed! She had an organized list of cute and original ideas for us. Each location and pose was so perfect and cute. I loved my experience and can’t wait to do it again!"


"I knew of Emily from my girlfriend, who only had wonderful things to say about her, which all held very true. She has a true talent for shooting and she’s very cooperative and patient. I was nervous before the shoot, as it was my first one, but Emily made it an extremely enjoyable and casual experience. She has an amazing eye for the best poses and shooting environments. I hope he working with her in the near future."


Emily Bernhardy